Bonus Timed Research in Pokemon GO – compensation for technical problems

New quests related to the Gallarian form of Ponyta have been added to the game. What do you have to do to receive the rewards?

As most players probably know, in May you could get the Galarian Ponyta for collecting stickers for daily tasks. Unfortunately, there were some technical problems from May 17 to 24, which meant that some players could not pick up the mentioned form of this creature.

Twórcy postanowili dodać do gry nowe zadania, które rekompensują problemy techniczne i pozwolą wszystkim na schwytanie galariańskiej formy Ponyty. Zadania dostępne są od wtorku 1 czerwca do wtorku 8 czerwca.

Timed Research with Galarian Ponyta

Stage 1 of 2

  • Transfer 5 Pokemon: 10 x PokeBall.
  • Catch 5 Pokemon: 1000 XP.
  • Make 5 Nice rolls: 1000 x Stardust.

Rewards: Galarian Ponyta, 1000 x Stardust, 1000 XP.

Stage 2 of 2

At this stage, you just need to collect the prizes:

  • 15 x PokeBall.
  • 1000 XP.
  • 1500 x Stardust.

Rewards: Galarian Ponyta, 1 x Incense, 1500 XP.

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Comparison of the regular and shiny versions:

Stats, counters, and best attacks

Pokemon is vulnerable to bug, dark, and ghost attacks (160%) and resistant to fighting and psychic attacks (63%).

Its base stats are as follows:

  • Attack: 170
  • Defense: 127
  • Stamina: 137

The maximum CP at account level 40 is 1,697.