Good news for owners of a large number of Pokemon. Niantic is testing a new feature in Pokemon GO

The creators will introduce a new feature to which random players will get access.

Niantic is known for the fact that some of the new features are made available to random testers who are to check whether a given novelty works correctly, is practical or simply positively received, and can stay for longer.

It has happened so many times in the past, and it will continue to do so now. This time, random players will get access to a new classification system in Pokedex, which is supposed to be salutary for trainers with a lot of creatures that are difficult to break through to find specific ones. How will it look like?

Pokemon classification system

On one of the accounts informing about new products from Pokemon GO, there is a graphic showing the new classification system of creatures in Pokedex. As you can see in the attached picture – the creators want to introduce categories such as lucky, event, Mega Evolutions, shiny, cleaned, 3 stars.

Pokémon GO has begun a test where a randomly selected portion of Trainers will see Pokédex classifications to keep track of different Pokémon variants and attributes. This includes Purified, Shadow, Perfect, 3 Star, Shiny, Shiny 3 Star, Lucky, and Event Pokémon.


However, after comments from people who have already received the testing system, it appears that not everyone got access to all categories.

A friend of mine was given this feature, but his game doesn’t have a “Perfect” or “Purified” category.

If the system catches on, it can be a great solution for people who have a large number of Pokemon and want to segregate them thematically, without creating separate groups or naming them in a specific way.

In the past, there was a popular practice that consisted in adding the number of its IV to the name of the creature or marking it in a non-standard way, so that after entering a given phrase in the search engine, you would get, for example, a list of all perfect creatures from a given event.