New free box from Pokemon GO. How long will it be available, what’s in it?

A new box with various prizes has appeared in the game.

A week ago, an article was published that the last May Pokemon GO box is available in the game.

It is true that today another one has appeared and it can be considered a box from May, although most of its availability in the store falls on the next month – June. What will you be able to claim for free this time?

Free box in Pokemon GO

Free packs are great as a game aid for people who cannot leave the house regularly and run out of some in-game items over time.

From May 31 to June 7, 2021, you can claim a free box in the in-game store that includes:

  • 15 x Ultra Ball,
  • 15 x Pinap Berry,
  • 1 x Remote Raid Pass.

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Although the box will be available for the first few days of the new month, it is not known whether June will bring players new free items. So far, no more packages have been announced. So it is not certain whether these will appear at all next month.

In the event of changes or announcements of new boxes that will be available in the store, another article will appear to inform you about it.

For now, it only remains to wait. For those who have not followed the announcements from the last few days, it is worth recalling that the creators have already revealed several events that will take place in June.