Pokemon GO players discovered the name needed to evolve Eevee into Sylveon. Strange error or mysterious announcement?

The Pokemon GO community discovered an interesting thing related to the very popular evolution of Eevee.

Eevee is definitely one of the most recognizable Pokemon. It appeared in the first generation and was distinguished by the fact that he had evolutions related to different types. Over time, there were more and more of them and so Eevee has as many as 8 evolutions. 7 of them are available in Pokemon GO.

The last of them – Sylveon – is undoubtedly really popular. Fans around the world love Eevee’s fairy-tale evolution and look forward to seeing it in Pokemon GO. It turns out that this may happen quite soon.

Sylveon in Pokemon GO

As you know, in the game from Niantic Eevee can be evolved into a chosen form after choosing her name. For example, if a player wants to get an Espeon, they must name the chosen Eevee Sakura.

Many fans wondered how you need to name your pokemon for the last evolution awaited by the community – Sylveon. One of the players discovered this name – it is “Kira”.

Even though a silhouette of the form appeared in the game after the name change, Eevee’s evolution was not possible. After trying to do it, the game crashed due to the connection error.

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Another player captured an evolving attempt in a short video:

Posts about an interesting discovery quickly became popular and a mass of players tried to evolve Eevee on their account. As it turns out – the situation in the above screenshot or video is not a determinant. Your attempt on evolving may not look the same. For those whose silhouette of Sylveon appeared on the “Evolve” button, the attempt to evolve always ended with an error.

What could this mean? Much of the community says this is evidence that Niantic plans to add the last evolution to the game. The files probably already contain information on this subject, and the aforementioned error may be both an oversight by the creators as well as a deliberate attempt to increase interest among players.

Unfortunately, no official information on this has appeared. It remains to wait for Niantic to announce when Sylveon finally will be in the game.