Pokemon Go

Serious bug in Pokemon GO – escaping Pokemon and unlimited EXP? Unfortunately, it gets even worse

Players are reporting an annoying bug that is related to remote raids in Pokemon GO. What is going on?

The introduction of Remote Raid Passes was a breakthrough in the game. The community waited for this feature for many years, and when it appeared, many people started enjoying Pokemon GO gameplay again. Remote raids helped in better interaction between players because any friend could invite them to the fight, even if they lived on the other side of the world.

Unfortunately, remote raids also caused many bugs and as it turns out – some of them are still there. Separate articles were written about many of them. Sometimes there were bugged gyms on the map or the Pokemon ran away immediately after the first throw, so no one could catch it.

This time, apart from the fact that an error pops up after trying to catch the Pokemon, something else is happening.

A bug related to raids in Pokemon GO

As you know, in the last few days, Pokemon fans are having fun with the new event – Ultra Unlock: Sword and Shield. The event introduced a lot of novelties that could not be ignored. New species of creatures, including two legendary Pokemon, which are the mascots of the Sword and Shield game series. No wonder that players from all over the world wanted to capture Zacian and Zamazenta, who would not only make their Pokedex bigger but also looked great as, for example, buddies.

And here comes a problem. It turns out there is a bug in the game that prevents you from catching the creature after completing a remote raid. The game throws the message “The Pokemon couldn’t be found”, and then moves the player to the map.

What’s more, re-entering a raid brings the rewards for winning a fight, including 10,000 experience points, on the screen once again. Does this mean that you can cheat the game and earn XP endlessly? This is also a bug and notifications do not affect the player’s account balance. So this is incredibly annoying, because not only are you losing a legendary Pokemon, you are getting nothing in return.

Fans of the game do not hide their irritation, because many of them really wanted to catch new legendary Pokemon. As you know, the situation when such a creature runs away is really painful, especially when you waste the Remote Raid Pass, the free amount of which is very limited.

You can see exactly what this error looks like in one of the videos published by a player with the nickname Caran0.

As you can see on the recording – the bug makes it impossible to catch Zamazenta. When a player rejoins, a message appears about the rewards earned, but these also don’t appear in the inventory (not seen in the video, but confirmed by other commenters). The bug has been reported by many fans, but Niantic has yet to address it.