Pokemon Go

The fourth August box in Pokemon GO. What does it contain? Until when can you pick it up?

The game features the fourth box in August with various prizes.

Currently, the Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword and Shield event is underway in Pokemon GO. On this occasion, many interesting attractions were added to the game and a few new creatures debuted in it. As it is worth taking part in raids and completing your Pokedex during the event, the additional Remote Raid Pass and PokeBalls will be really useful.

August boxes are not completely free, but don’t worry – the price is so low that most players can afford to buy such a pack. What is in the box this time and by when will it be available?

The fourth August box in Pokemon GO

From August 23 (Monday) to August 30, 2021, you can pick up an event, disposable box for the price of 1 PokeCoin in the in-game store, which includes:

  • 15 x PokeBall,
  • 1 x Remote Raid Pass,
  • 10 x Revive.

It is worth remembering that Zacian will be a legendary opponent in 5-star raids for a few more days. In addition to it, you can encounter many Galarian varieties of Pokemon.