There is a new code for free items in Pokemon GO. How do you redeem it and what you get?

There is a new code with which you can unlock free cosmetics for your character.

As most Pokemon GO players know, the creators from time to time offer codes, after entering which you get free, and often also exclusive content. This time it is similar. You can get clothes from the Samsung Galaxy A Series.

Clothes related to Samsung is another cooperation of this type. About 8 months ago, there was a code in the game where you could get a Verizon sweatshirt and mask. These awards are especially important for collectors because usually clothes of this type are no longer available in any form. So how do you unlock new content?

New code for free items

There is a new code with cosmetic items for the player’s character. Among them is a cap and a T-shirt with the inscription “Awesome” (in both women’s and men’s versions).


The code must be entered in the game (in the designated field at the end of the store) or on the website

The option to enter the code directly in the application works for owners of Android devices, while iOS users must collect their rewards by logging in to the Niantic website.

No expiry date for the code was given.