Project L

What could a fight game from Riot – Project L look like? Great fan concept

LoL fans are showing their ideas again. This time it’s a great concept for the Project L that Riot is supposed to release.

For the tenth anniversary of League of Legends, a new game from Riot Games has been presented, about which nothing is really known except for a few screenshots.

While there hasn’t been any official information for a long time, fans don’t forget, and a fan concept has recently been created. It shows what the game could look like.

Project L concept

Over a year ago, the League of Legends developers presented a new game in the style of Mortal Kombat. Many fans who like this type of production became interested in the mysterious Project L, but the game was never heard of again. The first shot was as follows:

At the moment, we do not know at what stage of development the title is at and whether it will ever be created. However, this doesn’t bother artists who create their own concept art. One of them is Andy Ay from Hangzhou, China, who decided to publish a duel between Vi and Leona.

While this is only a concept, many fans wonder what is going on with Project L and when it will actually be released. There are tons of characters in League of Legends that would serve this kind of game well, such as Vi or Sett, Shaco, Yasuo, and more.