Everything you need to know about an upcoming event in The Sims 4 – Sim Sessions

Sim Sessions are getting closer. For this reason, EA has published more detailed information.

Recently, we reported that the developers organized an event for all Simmers, which they called Sim Sessions. We learned from the preliminary information that the event will take place not only on social media but also directly in the game.

Many different festival attractions and performances by famous artists such as Bebe Rexha, Glass Animals, and Joy Oladokun have been announced. Now there is more detailed information about the upcoming event. What should you know?

Sim Sessions in the Sims 4

According to Steve Schnur, EA’s music director and president, Sim Sessions are intended to be a new way to connect music, games, and culture in the community. Although the employee did not say it directly, it can be concluded from his statements that Sim Sessions will not only appear once in the game, but the event will occur more often from time to time.

Let us remind you that the event is to start on June 29 and end on July 7. Now one of the EA employees – SimGuruFrost, decided to share details about the upcoming event.

  • Between June 29th to July 7th every Sunday (in-game) there will be a Sim Sessions event in Magnolia Blossom Park. Don’t worry, there will be notifications letting you know it’s happening and buttons to literally take you to the event.
  • The event will begin at 10AM Pacific Time and ends at 10AM Pacific Time as well (July 7th).
  • A notification will pop up while in live mode, which adds a ticket that serves as a source of information & transportation to the music event taking place in Magnolia Blossom Park!
  • Sims Sessions is a free music experience for any player who owns The Sims 4 base game!
  • What’s at the venue stays & goes with the venue including kiosks and tents.
  • The Sims Sessions festival will take place in an uneditable area of the Magnolia Blossom Park. Tents, Kiosks and all festival items that have been converted from previous Packs will still require said packs. If for example you want to place a tent on your Lot you will still need The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Game Pack to do that.

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It seems that Sim Sessions are going to be quite an interesting event that will surely diversify the gameplay to many players. In addition, the fact that such events will repeat from time to time only shows that the developers are still working on their game and are trying to encourage even more people to play their production.