The Sims 4 Cottage Living: Everything you need to know about new groceries and delivery options

The Sims allows us to shop again and order food deliveries to the door thanks to the latest expansion.

Rather, every Simomaniac knows that in previous installments of The Sims there was a feature that allowed you to order food straight home, as was the case with Two, and go to the grocery store in TS3 on your own to refill your supplies in the fridge.

Now it turns out that thanks to Cottage Living. we will be able to do it again in our gameplay, and below is everything you need to know about the new delivery and purchase options for groceries.

Purchase of groceries

With the newest addition, Cottage Living, there are two ways to get the groceries our Sims need. It is:

  • Online food purchase with delivery,
  • Buying them at a grocery stall in the city.

As if that was not enough, in addition to buying, the game also gives us the opportunity to sell groceries on our own at a stall located in the Finchwick district, in the very center of the city.

At the stall, you will be able to buy items such as:

  • Cooking books,
  • Fishes,
  • Fruit,
  • Ingredients,
  • Vegetables.

It is worth visiting this district regularly because the articles will change every day and you will be able to catch something completely different. In addition, if we have the right additions or packages that bring other articles to the game, they will also have a good chance of appearing at the stands.

If, however, we want to sell something that is in our sim’s Inventory, we can do it by clicking on the stall and selecting the “Sell” option. All you have to do is select the things you want to get rid of and they will be sold immediately.

It is also worth knowing that if our sim feels confident enough, he will have the opportunity to bargain with the seller, and thus get products at a much lower price. This certainly seems to be a great option for poorer families.

Ordering groceries

As with buying food, there are also two ways to order it.

  • By phone (> Order delivery, and then> Food delivery),
  • By clicking on the fridge and selecting “Order a delivery”.

After finalizing the order, the supplier with our products should appear within a few sim minutes. He will knock on the door of our house and wait until we accept the delivery, then put the bag with the order at the nearest place in our house.

It will of course be possible to choose whether we want to unpack our purchases or place the bag in our Inventory. Unloading purchases will place the items in the fridge or in the Sim’s Inventory, depending on whether they need to keep them fresh in the fridge or not.

Zoomers Food Delivery

As you could see earlier, with the option to buy products, there is another new food delivery service – Zoomers Food Delivery. This option allows you to order local specialties and dishes, and the more accessories we have installed, the more local specialties we can order.

As with Food Delivery, a Zoomers Food Delivery supplier will come to your door with a food bag and then put your order at our home, if of course, you decide to take it in advance.

Just like in the case of grocery delivery, select “Unload items” and enjoy the delicious order.