The Witcher

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is full of brilliant easter eggs. The messenger here is “Dehael”

Little Easter Egg in The Witcher: Monster Slayer mobile game.

For several weeks, players have been spending a lot of time in the mobile version of The Witcher’s adventures. This time, we can create our own character and, with the phone in hand, go to the streets, to the park, or wherever we want and fight monsters.

It turns out that the game hides a little curiosity at the beginning of the story, which can only be noticed by a slightly more focused person. This is a reference to a popular courier delivery company.

DHL in The Witcher

Nowadays, practically each of us ordered something by courier and it is already something normal. Several hundred years ago, there were also couriers who were referred to as messengers. One of them was shown in a mobile game from the Spokko studio from the CD Projekt Red group.

During the plot of the game, we are given the task of finding an endrega fetus. To do this, we have to defeat a few monsters and then open a mysterious “cocoon”. However, inside we find an outspoken boy with an interesting name Dehael.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to his outfit. Yellow and red are the characteristic colors of DHL. So we have three tips that it is a courier company:

  • Name (Dehael)
  • Outfit
  • Messenger

The question may now arise why the creators referred to DHL. The answer, however, is very simple. From 18 December 2019, CD Projekt RED cooperates with DHL Express.

It is possible that there are even more curiosities in the game that are just waiting to be discovered.