All free skins in Valorant and more. How to sign up for a test server?

How to sign up for a test server in Valorant?

League of Legends players probably know exactly what PBE is, the test server where Riot Games checks for upcoming updates and new content. It has slightly different rules, and all skins, cards, and other accessories are there for free.

However, there are bugs on the server and some things like new characters may be unbalanced. All because it is the test server where players can check if everything is working properly.

Registration for the test server

Now that we know what PBE is, the question now is how to subscribe. However, this is not as easy as it may seem. We have to meet several conditions, including that our account has never been banned and we are playing actively on the North America server.

However, if you meet these conditions, you can register on the official Riot website, which is available by clicking here.

Now all you need to do is for Riot Games to accept your candidacy and you can play the PBE in Valorant. Remember, however, that meeting the conditions does not mean that you will be automatically accepted.