Are the new Ruination skins in Valorant “pay-to-lose”? Where did such opinions come from?

The Ruination Pack has been added to Valorant, which is looking really good. However, is it a good choice?

The Ruination pack in Valorant is really big and other skins have a hard time competing with it, except of course for Elderflame released in Episode 1. It includes four upgradeable weapons and a great melee tool. In addition, each of them has an option to customize the colors. Weapon skins and upgrades are a popular option for customizing the player profile, but are they really good?

Shroud explains why skins are not the best idea in Valorant

Based on the example of the latest line of skins, shroud explains that the added visuals and sound effects of skins such as Ruination can make weapons less player-friendly.

Using these kinds of skins is definitelly pay-to-lose. That’s why I use so many basic ones.

Of course, this approach did not stop shroud from purchasing Ruination, as they “look too damn cool” as he himself noted:

Then, when he tested the range of the weapon, he decided to present exactly why he does not like the improved visual and sound effects of the weapon. He took the Ruination Guardian, which includes an additional sound effect when fired.

It’s hard to say whether the developers will listen to shroud and the next skins will be much less flashy than the current ones that appear in Valorant. Either way, you have to admit that he is a bit right, but paying attention to it only makes sense at a higher level of the game.