First shots on the new map Breeze in Valorant. Riot heats up the atmosphere with graphics

There is no doubt that a new map is headed for Valorant. The first shots are already appearing.

Riot doses emotions by showing different scraps of the map. Full disclosure of the location should take place in several dozen hours. It is really closer than further. Currently, two new and one old graphics have appeared on the official profile.

The most interesting are those with the signature “Visit Breeze”, confirming the name of the location. There is also the first shot at the “center” of the map.

Breeze in Valorant

The main theme is to get away from the hustle and bustle. The colors will be quite standard, although it will definitely have more of them than other maps. Anyway, see for yourself:

Can you see larger spaces here? It is difficult to say exactly what we are looking at, whether it is one of the points or just a path through.

Now we just have to wait for:

  • An official trailer showing the map in more detail.
  • Youtuber presentations – this is how Riot shows everything to the world lately.

When will this happen? It is very possible that in the next hours.