Longer waiting times for the game in Valorant? We know the specific cause

Valorant’s developers informed on social media about a certain change in the game.

Valorant is constantly being developed who try to improve their FPS as much as possible.

Both the title and the esports scene are growing in strength, which is probably why Riot Games pays a lot of attention to its FPS, especially since it has quite strong competition. On that day, the ranked queue was taken care of.

The changes may have extended the waiting time for the match

Valorant’s players could observe that the time for finding a match has slightly increased. Developers reported on their social media that they made “a few tweaks to the ranking queue”, so this could be the main reason for this. It is not known exactly what the developers have changed, but it is supposed to be an improvement in the player selection process.

After the changes introduced by the developers, the waiting time for a match may be longer, but they believe that the selection of players will be better. Whether it really will be so, it remains to be seen in the next few days.