New cinematic from Valorant, what else is known about lore?

New video from Valorant and some new information about lore.

The storyline in Valorant wasn’t developed as much as in League of Legends, and animated films don’t come out that often. Riot surprised players and we got another cinematic last night.

It is a continuation of the first videos and we learn from it a bit more information about the lore in Valorant. In addition, some interesting facts were revealed by one of the people invited to the pre-premiere screening, who had the opportunity to talk to Rioters.

Valorant’s plot

Multiplayer FPS games don’t need a storyline at all, they just have to be playable. However, there are fans who have been waiting since the premiere for the developers to reveal a bit more information about what is actually happening in the world of Valorant. Riot Games is known for its great animations, which is why many players have wondered why Valorant has received so few of them so far. Unexpectedly yesterday night, another was released, which is a continuation of the events of the first film released almost a year ago – DUELISTS.

In addition to what is contained in the film, a few new facts were revealed by a fan of lore, who watched the cinematic pre-premiere and was able to talk to the Rioters dealing with the plot:

So what do we know?

  • There is a mirror image of the Earth.
  • Attackers are mirror agents.
  • Spike comes from Mirror Earth and was created by mirror Killjoy.
  • They want to take Radiant because it is not on their planet.
  • Valorant’s oldest agents like Viper and Brimstone know about the second earth.

Additionally, as we can see, this is probably the first spike captured, as Killjoy has had contact with it for the first time. This means that the animation released four months ago – RETAKE, takes place after DUALITY.