The deleted leak shows the cinematic trailer of Breeze, a new map in Valorant

As predicted, leaks from the new map have already appeared on Youtube.

It was rather certain that after a few graphic teasers, a full trailer for the upcoming map would leak out somewhere, and it did. A prematurely published announcement has been found on the web, which shows what Breeze should look like.

One-minute footage showing a few shots of different places on the map. These confirm that Riot still focuses on multi-level and diversity of locations.

Breeze in Valorant

In fact, the graphics shown earlier concerned mainly only the edges of the map. Its center can be seen below.

Probably in the next few hours, Riot will reveal full-fledged gameplays, perhaps even a specific release date for Breeze will be confirmed. Now all that’s left is to wait and patiently observe the information provided by leakers and developers themselves.