The latest leaks suggest that Riot has been testing the Battle Royale mode in Valorant for many months

According to the well-known leaker, Riot has started testing the battle royale mode in China.

A well-known leaker, PlayerIGN, who became famous, among other things, for relevant leaks regarding PUBG, announced a year ago that Valorant developers are creating the battle royale mode.

This one is to be constantly tested in China. Now he has published a video where he briefly explains where he has information about the upcoming game mode for Riot Games’ FPS from.

Battle royale mode getting closer to Valorant?

Rumors that circulated at the end of that year indicated that Riot’s developers were working on a knockdown state. This means that instead of dying immediately, players would be in a state from which they could be resurrected. This is a perfect match for battle royale.

Why my connection is relevant is because my sources confirm to me that players from the Chinese PUBG community were invited to private playtest Valorant during November of last year in the country.

In the video below, the leaker reveals where he got the information from and points to his previous, accurate leaks:

It is very likely that Valorant will follow in the footsteps of its competitor – CS: GO – and create its own battle royale mode. It would be a really worthwhile move, especially since this type of gameplay is very popular at the moment and players have come to love it in the last few years.