Valorant 2.11 patch notes. If you were expecting a big update, not this time

The calm before the storm of Episode 3. Several bug fixes and performance updates.

I know, you were expecting some big changes after skipping 2.10. Just take this patch as the calm before the storm of Episode 3.

Patch 2.11 is not for nothing: it should increase the frame rate by an average of 1% if you play on mid and high-end hardware.

Ranking match updates

  • We’ve added a search bar to the leaderboard to make it easier for you to search for players by name.

Mode updates

  • As part of our mode rotation, Replication returns, replacing Escalation for now.

Performance updates

  • Increased client frames by an average of 1% on mid and high-end gear by optimizing skills, gear, and weapons in the inventory.
  • Optimized calculations related to the clipping of agent meshes and surroundings.

Game system updates

  • The fonts for some regional languages ​​have been improved to increase clarity.
  • Updated the Signal Wheel and Radio Command Wheel to ignore non-motion signals when displaying the wheel.
  • Fixed an animation issue that caused hands to get into strange positions when equipping weapons.



  • Fixed an issue where Reyna was unable to re-purchase a sold Taunt skill during the Purchase Phase.

Ranked mode

  • Fixed an issue that caused the charging symbol to persist indefinitely when viewing a friend’s career.
  • Fixed some bugs in the leaderboard UI.