Valorant will receive an important crosshair feature that many games lack

Leaker announced that there will be a crosshair saving function in Valorant.

The crosshair in Valorant is a very important part of the game. Sometimes, however, you have to try different alternatives and you cannot save your crosses so that you can easily return to the previous ones later.

The developers are evidently aware of this, as the game will feature customizable crosshair profiles.

How many crosshairs can be saved at once?

From leaker’s information on social media, you can learn that the game will allow you to save 10 crosshairs. You will be able to freely configure and copy them, which is a really great option. Especially for fans of the esports scene who like to observe the crosshairs of professional players.

This option may not be particularly groundbreaking, but it will make life of Valorant players much easier. It’s hard to say when the Riot developers will decide to introduce it, but it can be concluded that it will be in one of the next updates.​