Valorant will work with a famous DJ. This is nearly certain

The new skin line in Valorant will be associated with a well-known German DJ?

Riot Games developers are constantly trying to bring new breaths of freshness to Valorant so that the community has something to be interested in. These changes apply to almost every element of the game, including, of course, skins. Therefore, cooperation with… a German DJ has appeared on the horizon. This is what the upcoming skin line will be associated with.

A feeling that these skins will be really special

Little is known about this collaboration at the moment, but it’s safe to say that the skins that will be created in collaboration with Zedd will be truly unique. Such collaborations do not happen very often, so Riot Games will certainly not disappoint its community.

The following graphic is to announce the whole cooperation, where you can find themes related to music and the inscription in the upper left corner – “Zedd”.

It is certainly not a mistake, especially since recently DJ even retweeted the entry of Valorant’s official profile. We will probably have to wait a little longer for more details on this matter.