Why isn’t Valorant getting more Ultra skins like Elderflame? The answer is prosaic

Valorant players wonder why no more Ultra skins are being made.

Valorant already has some weapon skins in Valorant. Some of them are cheaper, others are more expensive, but there are also some really exclusive skins.

One of them is definitely the Elderflame series, which constantly makes a huge impression on players. The community is wondering if the developers will add any Ultra-rank cosmetics in the near future.

Developers have answered questions about Ultra skins

The newest skins that have appeared in the game are Origin rank skins. Gamers started asking developers “if they plan to make another Ultra Edition pack like Elderflame”. Interestingly, the creators of Valorant replied, but it’s not a very satisfactory answer.

Preeti, one of the game’s developers that deals with premium content, revealed that “there are no plans for another Ultra at the moment”. Skins are hard to make, especially Ultra.

Ultra skins are currently the highest level of cosmetics in Valorant.

Making such complex skins is really difficult and requires a lot of work, so developers don’t publish them very often. This is unlikely to happen anytime soon, but it may change in the more distant future.